Prandina - Lighting Stories
A lamp also represents your style, your class, your identity. The best choice to give a timeless imprint to your space.
Your style, our passion
The roots of this design lie in reinterpreting the stereotypical table lamp with a lampshade. Glam consists of only two blown glass elements, simply placed one on top of the other, to create a lamp with a suspended and elegant effect. Even the power cord is an element that gives it character. The upper diffuser, available in four colours, always rests on a transparent crystal base to give space to different overall levels of brightness.
The details that make the difference
The blown glass diffuser rests on the crystal base, hiding details that will make you fall in love with this lamp. Three easily replaceable light sources, three pyrex glass capsules to improve light diffusion, three plexiglass discs to protect the blown glass, an elegantly connected cable. These are all details to tell, they are all details that make the difference.
Four finishes for four different styles
Choose the version that best suits your personality and your space, but pay attention to the light you need. The white version and the red version have a 360° diffusion of light, while the black and mirrored versions have a downward diffusion of light only.
This is an iconic lamp. You cannot fail to see it in a space, you cannot fail to appreciate the quality of its blown glass, you can't help enhancing your space with the touch of this lamp's design. Enjoy your space with this collection.
Blown crystal base, double finish blown crystal diffuser, red fabric cable
CE certified model. Entirely made in Italy.